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What is the difference between a Floor Buffer, Floor Machine, Floor Buffing Machines, Floor Scrubber & Floor Stripper.  Nothing, they are what we call in the industry Swing Machines. The name comes from the swing motion the machines have when you operate them and are normally 175 rpm pad speed.  These machines are for stripping, cleaning and floor buffing hard floors as well as scrubbing and bonneting carpeted floors.  A high speed floor machine which is a 300 rpm will give you a little better shine when buffing but a 1500 to 2000 rpm burnisher will polish the floor. Questions on floor buffers give us a call 800-784-8870 or e-mail at info@floor-buffer.net

If possible we always recommend a 1.5 hp because their is less of a chance of bogging down due to friction.

175 RPM Machines 1 hp: Use for standard floor buffing, light stripping, carpet scrubbing and cleaning.

175 RPM 1.5 hp:  Use for Heavy duty stripping and cleaning, carpet cleaning and standard buffing.

175 / 300 Dual Speed:  Recommended for standard cleaning, stripping and will give you a slightly better buffing because of the higher speed.

1500 - 2000 RPM Burnisher:  For high speed buffing only.  Used properly will give you that glassy shine.

Propane Buffer:  Super markets, schools and institution buffing

Cleaning Floors:  With a cleaning pad use a 175 rpm buffer.

Stripping Floors use a 1 hp for light duty or 1.5 hp for heavy duty floors.  We recommend going with a 1.5 hp because it is better with stripping .

Buffing Floors:  Use a standard 1 hp or 1.5 hp floor buffer. To get a slightly better shine use a 300 rpm machine. 

Burnishing a floor:  use a 1500 rpm to 2000 rpm floor buffer.

Carpet Scrubbing: Use a carpet brush on a 1.5 hp floor buffer.  We recommend a 1.5 hp because of the friction on the carpet.

Carpet Bonneting:  use a 1.5 hp floor buffer.  We recommend a 1.5 hp because of the friction on the carpet.


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