Mercury The BOSS Multi Use Floor Buffers

Three Sizes for all your Floor Machine Floor Buffer needs including Stone Care.

Three Floor Buffer Machines In One

Three Interchangeable Aprons with one base machine, gives you a floor care machine for a range of tasks and every size facility.
Precision balanced, super heavy-duty 175 RPM, 1.5-HP, 66-frame, dual-capacitor motor for easiest operation.
Triple-planetary high torque transmission handles the most demanding applications.
The delivers super value and productivity, backed by the best warranty on the planet!

The BOSS Multi-TASKER System Includes:
 13, 17, and 21 interchangeable, non-marking aprons with full wrap bumpers. Aprons mount with 3 easy-to change thumb screws.
 Three matching pad drivers (12, 16, and 20 sizes) lock with 92 style clutch plate and pad centering attachments.
 The Unicorn Weight Kit adds up to 50 extra pounds of pressure for a comprehensive stone and marble floor restoration program. 
 4-Gallon Solution Tank

MULTI-TASKER Design Features

Quick mounting of pad drivers or brushes with standard B / 92 style drive plug and clutch plates.
Safety enhanced non-conductive dual triggers eliminate shock potential.
Safety enhanced interlock switch puts both hands conveniently in control.
Add even more scrubbing weight with an optional 10 pound steel pad driver.
Fully adjustable handle positions are comfortable for all operators.
Motor plugs in at handle base for easy maintenance.
5 year warranty on motor and chassis - The Best Warranty on the Planet!



Model No. BOSS-175 BOSS-175/300
Brush Speed 175 RPM 175 / 300 RPM
Motor Type 1.5 HP A/C 2 capacitors 1.5 HP D/C rectified
Amp Draw 13-15 amps 13-15 amps
Interchangeable Apron 13"        17"    21"
Part No. A-163     A-167     A-169    A-171    A-172
Chassis Polished Aluminum
Power Cord 50 foot (15 M) Safety Yellow 14/3 Ga
Weight 98 - 107 lbs. ( apron selection)
Brush Drive B style clutch
Wheels 6 non-marking
Warranty 5 years motor and gearbox

Can also be used for stone care.

BOSS 175 RPM   $1179.00
BOSS DUAL SPEED   $1299.00